I’m so excited to be able to begin blogging about this wonderful place. My Roots at Crescent Beach Run Deep. Crescent Beach was my grandmother’s beach.  Her father drove the local school bus in nearby Palatka and each summer they took the bus to the beach, drove onto the sand and spent their vacation camping. My grandmother grew up and moved out west but couldn’t quite get the sand out from between her toes.  Every summer she and her husband would pack their five kids (including my mother) into a station wagon and drive 2300 miles back to Crescent Beach.  I didn’t drive cross-country or camp in a school bus, but when I was a teenager my parents purchased a unit in the Coquina and I grew to love this beach as my grandmother had!  Some family traditions should never die, so I now vacation right here in the Coquina and Crescent Sandpiper with my four kids, who have also come to love this still uncrowded beach my grandmother played on 75 years ago.

So check back often! I’ll be sharing my stories, tips and advice about vacationing in St. Augustine here on the blog.